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Finally Headed To Flint!

Thankfully, I finally managed to get out of there today! Unfortunately, it wasn't very cheap.

I got up at 6, trying to decide if I had enough nerve to brave our city's bus system and save money on having to take the cab. After showering and pepping myself up with music, I gathered my bags and went to sit outside. I knew that I only had a little time to reach a conclusion, and because I just wasn't sure what would happen if I tried taking the bus as I hadn't done this before, I opted for the cab. No need to miss my flight again!

I got to the airport, this time driven by a foreign guy who's language I could not identify, seems they do most of the driving in this city nowadays. Then, a bouncy woman named Isabel, who was from the Dominican Republic, helped me through all the fun processes necesary for boarding. She said she used to work and live in New York for a time, and she seemed quite like the lady named Isabel I met during my last flight from Laguardia, but she didn't really sound the same and was more attractive.

I was getting concerned, because I sat at the gate for a long time even as people boarded the Atlanta flight. Everytime I would try and stand, they insisted that they were coming to help me. It is more typical for blind people to be taken aboard the aircraft first, but I don't think the folks at AirTran knew exactly what they were doing because I was the last one aboard.

This plane was small and quite loud. Unlike most flights I've taken recently, I could even feel my ears popping at take-off. Whoever was next to me didn't seem interested in conversation, so I just sat and read until the attendant brought me some kind of delicious chips, which I snacked on for most of the way. We were only in the air from 11:02 till 11:41 AM, the shortest flight I've ever taken.

Atlanta Hartsfield is huge! I was given to a lady named Victoria, who kept insisting to put me into a wheelchair until I managed to disuade her of this. Then, we were off at a brisk run, hopping elevators and even a train to get from concourse D to concourse C. I just made the flight to Flint before it took off, with the pilot joking around constantly and saying how beautiful the city and his attendants were. I noticed that they seem to have a lot more fun on this airline. My seatmate, a nice woman who informed me that she was from Flint as well, kept me entertained the whole way. I asked her what things looked like as we went up, and it changed from seeing the tall buildings of downtown Atlanta to clouds that looked more like frozen oceans, and finally to more cone shaped clouds. I commented that I enjoy doing this, because everybody seems to bring his or her own perspective of their description of the skies. She also told me that she had graduated from the University of Michigan and had been a teacher for many years. As we approached Flint, she told me about things that were close to the airport such as a shopping mall and a GM factory, as I'm sure there are many of those in that city.

Once on the ground, I was escorted off by a man who also kept saying that he didn't know anything about how to deal with blind people. The airport was obviously small, and thus it made it a bit easier for me to reclaim my luggage. I got a cab, the guy driving it was huge! He told me himself that he weighed in over 300 pounds, and he looked like he could have been a football player at some time. He said "Someone else just came over to ask me what the fare was to go somewhere, and when I tried to tell him he punched me in my belly!" I think that person better be lucky he didn't end up with many broke ribs, although I would agree that Flint's cabs are too expensive. They charge a $5 minimum!

Finally at Vicki's place, I ate my first real food of the day, two chicken patties covered with Miracle Whip, and a nice sized piece of cake that she had gotten me for my birthday. It was a fairly good one, German chocolate with coconuts, although I don't tend to be a big coconut person.

Nothing else really noteworthy happened. We sat outside for hours talking and meeting some of the other neighborhood kids. This area is peopled, but still pretty quiet. Then I came in and dozed to the TV as they watched game shows, the day had finally caught up with me.

At about 10, we went back to listen to music some, checked out some of the NPR stories, then started to play Kitchens Inc Games until nearly 3 AM. These are games designed by a blind guy and posted free for others to play. We played the board game of life a couple of times with her roommate Greg, and I won both of those games. Then she played Trucker, a game where you're traveling from L.A to New York to deliver goods and you have to try and stay whole for the entire trip. It was fun helping her along. Finally, I crawled into bed and went to sleep.
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