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Chillin, Chillin, and More Chillin!

So, its Saturday already, and of course time is going much more quickly than I would want. I certainly have no desire to go back home, or more importantly, back to this job. This trip hasn't been action packed, but its nice for what it is, which is a kind of retreat from everything.

I slept till nearly 11:00 yesterday, then I went to get my Cd player to listen to the radio some. Everytime I go to a new place, one of my favorite pastimes is to check out the local radio stations. Pre Clear Channel, this was really a good way to get a feel for the area, but the commercials can still accomplish this.

Vicki's mom showed up at around 11:30 to fix some issues with the sink and to get us some food. I decided I would go for a couple of burrito supremes, and I think they ended up doing the same. While waiting for their return, I composed yesterday's entry and went to play on her computer. If I had gone ahead and written it there I could post it as it happens, but since I wrote it on my Pac Mate and neglected to bring the cables needed to synch it to her computer, I'll probably just write them all here and put them up when I get home. (Now if my Cats win, I may post tomorrow anyway, but you'll know by the time you read this if that has indeed happened.)

The burritos were delicious, and as required when enjoying them, I managed to get sour cream all over my face and had to go through a couple of napkins. I've also been drinking way too many sodas this weekend, I had at least three yesterday, two of them being canned Mountain Dews.

I've gotten her hooked on those computer games, so we spent much of the rest of the day playing them. I continued my domination of Life, then she drove across the country a couple of times with oranges in Trucker. This was the only way one really makes money, and by sticking to the speed limit for the most part so that you don't get caught by police. I like to chance it though, it makes for a little more unpredictability.

I then took a long, refreshing shower, the water was a bit coolish but then I'm hard to satisfy temperaturewise. I couldn't really adjust it either, because of something to do with the walls. It still felt good though, and I was reluctant to climb back out into the frigidity that was the bathroom.

They ordered from some place for dinner, and I decided on a sausage and peparoni personal pizza with Mellow Yellow. The pizza was good and filling, I had three slices and was full with another one remaining. I think she was to get a burger and Greg some chicken, but they brought her a sub instead, so she ate the chicken and Greg the sandwich.

I think her cat Tango liked me pretty well. He sat beside me for sometime, allowing himself to be stroked and purring contentedly. Greg and I were watching Storm Stories on the weather channel, that stuff is fascinating and nerve wracking at the same time, and Vicki was playing yet more games. I finally dropped off at nearly 2, I think, and slept quite wel.

I'm sitting on the couch currently, waiting for someone to wake up. I think the last two days of my trip will be spent watching lots of sports, but I guess I shall see.
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