J. Alexander (johnmill79) wrote,
J. Alexander

And The Misery Continues

Ok, what's up with my Cats! I got to watch them on the road, but I'm afraid this is one I should have avoided.

First things first though, yesterday was mostly uneventful. Much of it was spent playing yet more computer games and of course eating. I watched some of the game between Michigan State and Pitsburgh. I didn't exactly find out who won that one though. I was most surprised by Michigan taking out Notre Dame the way they did, I think the final was 37-17?

Vicki concocted some tuna cassarole with cream of mushroom soup, it was pretty good and I ate two heaping bowls of the stuff. I have definitely not been lacking in the food department while here, which as you all know makes me very happy.

We had an enjoyable time singing together to some James Ingram, the songs he did with Pattie Austin and Linda Ronstedt being our favorites. Vicki is a pretty good singer, I try, but probably don't amount to much.

I got up this morning at about 12, just in time to see the Panthers vs. the Minnesota Vikings. It started out looking shaky for us from the start, as the Vikes again shredded our defense like toilet paper, as the Falcons had done the week before. But, our D finally got together and was for the most part unmatched by our offensive production. One positive that did come from the offensive side though was DeAngelo Williams, our highly touted new running back, finally coming out to show his stuff!

A bonehead play in the fourth, (our punt returner caught the ball and for some reason tried to fling it across the field, where it was taken away by the opposing team), is what really cost us that game. We ended up losing on a field goal in overtime 16-13, and falling to 0-2. Next we play the equally lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what will now be a desperation game for the two predicted divisional powers. And one knows there's something wrong when New Orleans gets off to a 2-0 start.

Right now, I am looking forward to some spaghetti, she said she ran out of noodles so we will be eating shells. Long as the sauce and the meat are right, I'll be good to go!
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