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More NaNoWriMo!

Well, I just got a bit more writing, and I should do more before the day is over. The segment that I wrote today will give me lots to go on for some time now. I would like you all, my faithful readers, to check it out and let me know what you think.
Tanya loved cruising around town in her Mercedes, it was the one thing she had salvaged from that broken period of her life. She would often do her makeup in the mirror just to draw pleasure from the dirty looks thrown her way by other female motorists. The guys tended to give dirty looks of a different kind, mostly trying to figure out how they might end up in her bed.

Asha sat in her car seat, contentedly sucking on a sippie cup of juice. "That child is managing to get sticky somehow" Tanya noted, turning around to have a quick peek. "You enjoying that honey" she cooed. Asha just sat there with the brightest smile on her face. "What I wouldn't give to be a child again."

Tanya was headed over to her new "friend"'s house. She liked the man, but was not willing to let herself believe that it would become anything more than that. They had been seeing each other for three months now, and yet she continued to hold out on him. She had to know that the guy was for real, and although he hadn't done anything to shake her trust of yet, she knew it would probably be coming.

Tanya turned to retrieve her phone from the little pocketbook she always kept on the other seat. Just then, a huge truck came barreling at them, jamming firmly into the back of her car. Glass immediately erupted and sprayed everywhere, and Tanya's head was slammed into the windshield with enough force to knock her out completely. Fortunately, she had been wearing a seatbelt, so she was jerked back into her seat just as the airbag deployed, smashing into her belly with bone cracking force.

The truck driver, who had remained relatively unharmed, got out on shaky legs to examine the scene. What he saw made him sick to his stomach. A little child, clutching a half full cup of juice, lay on the street. He was afraid to get any closer, for he was sure the result could not have been good.

"Nine-One-One, how can I help you" the dispatcher chirped through his cell phone speakers. "Yeah, I've just had a horrible accident." "Are you ok?" "For the most part, I think I may have injured my legs, but there's a woman and a child who appear to be in serious trouble." "Ok sir, we're getting a fix on your location, just stay put and remain calm, please." "Ok."

The driver flipped the phone shut and sat for a long time, trembling from head to toe with something much deeper than the cold weather that was all around. "Oh my God, what have I done" he kept asking himself.

Within moments, an ambulance skidded to a stop and three medics jumped out. "What's the problem here" one asked. "Right there, I just ran into the back of that car. I tried to get her attention, there was no way for me to brake this thing that fast, I really didn't mean..." "Its ok sir. Lets go and see how these folks are doing?"

Another of the medics had already scooped Asha off of the street, the car seat had kept her alive, if only barely. She was unconscious, but it appeared she would be fine. "Probably some minor injuries, I'm mostly concerned about head trauma" the second medic said, handing her over to the third to be placed in the waiting ambulance. "How's the mom?" "Out too, deep head gashes, both legs were broken and she may have back problems for a long time. I think she'll live though long as we get them out of here. Lets go!"

As the ambulance sirens receeded, the police approached. They asked the truck driver several questions and administered a standard breath test, to check for alcohol consumption. "All clear" the officer said. "Well you see here, there's a purse in the floor with a cell phone half sticking out. So, it would appear from initial inspection that she was trying to extract the phone when the accident occurred." "Yes sir" the trucker said. "I did all I could to signal her, but she wasn't paying attention and I couldn't stop the truck quickly enough or swerve, without much more severe consequences." "Well of course, and investigation will have to be launched, but I'd have to say that you probably won't be charged with anything. Looks like this was just an unfortunate accident." "Yeah" said another officer whom the truck driver had failed to see until that moment, "I hate to say this, but I wish people wouldn't drive with so many distractions. Especially with a little one in the car. This is just horrible."

And another update
Current Wordcount: 5958 (11.92% of goal)

I'm taking a bit of a break right now, but I will do more writing later. At least I hope so. And if you're wondering, yes I'm at home, I just couldn't go in all leaky and stuffy! I've been sneezing and blowing my brains out, but finally the cold is starting to discipate.

I wrote outside, even though it was a bit cool, because I find that it helps to keep the story energized if I change my setting every once in a while. And, I've spent way too much money! Had to buy the updated version of Jaws For Windows, my screen reader, along with the software maintenence agreement, which came to near $250. I tell ya, they sure know how to get it out of you.
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