January 8th, 2009

Lj Idol: Cocoa Butter Clogs

It was a wonderfully warm June night. My two cousins and I were crammed in a tiny dorm room at our summer camp in Raleigh North Carolina, hosted by the Governor Moorehead School For The blind. We'd just taken showers and were preparing to bed down by rubbing tons of lotion all over our bodies.

One of the houseparents stopped in on her final rounds to ask "so, are you homesick yet?" "No I'm not home sick," I replied "what kind of silly question is that? I'm here at camp." "Oh no honey, I mean do you feel a strong need to go back home, back to your mommy."

Hmmm, we had to chew on that one for a while. As it turned out, we were indeed quite homesick, so much so that the three of us began sobbing inconsolibly. As this continued, one of us geniuses said "but what if this lotion makes things worse! It's gonna give us a heart attack!" And even though this possibility scared us silly, we actually began rubbing the stuff on more and more vigorously.

Our insane cries eventually resulted in the return of the houseparent, and in the hopes of calming us down she forced us to separate for the night. "Ah, just go to bed!" she said.

I think the lesson here is simple: adults, if you're watching over kids, don't ask them unnecessary questions. If she hadn't come in there with the homesick comment, then we would have never imagined there was a reason to be. And there's something to be said for solidarity between us too; if one of us was sad, we all had to be.

This incident still gives us great amusement every time we recount it amongst ourselves. Neither of us cried or had any other issues during the remaining three weeks we were on that campus, though.