January 28th, 2011

My Story

And as promised, here is a link to the personal story about me that was recently posted on the VisionAware website. I've already put it on my other social networking feeds, but I figure there may be some who only see the journal.

I enjoyed writing it, and the individual who posted it did a great job spiffing it up with edits and pictures. It seemed to be well received.

I got a lot of touching responses from people all over the world. This one, from someone in Italy, was the most profound to me. Obviously I will leave out the name, but the message lets me know that something I'm doing is actually having an effect on someone else. That is a very good feeling indeed.

HI JOHN, my son has Norries, I'vejust read your site. He has 3 years, he's totally blind and no other issue related to Norrie: he's an intellingent and always happy child, he can talk quite well for his age, and never stops it! (he talks even during sleep time sometimes!!) and he's starting to learn simple things to be more independent... we live in Italy, so we have many services that help him well, and good schools. I just want to thank you for all you're doing for many younger men affected by Norrie: the Association is very important for us! you're great in all the things you do! bye

In other news, I've been informed that my application for the DC internship has indeed been received. I'd asked both my advisor and mentor to write letters of recommendation, as I knew it was the last minute and someone might not be able to come through. Fortunately, my mentor managed to get it to me just in time and all was well.

Speaking of her, she had me talk to a bunch of elementary school children yesterday. They were from kindergarten through 3rd grade, and I guess they attended some sort of charter school that was a part of her church. Those were very smart, well-behaved children. I commented that my ghetto crew would've been bouncing off of the walls! I told them about blindness, demonstrated some things to them such as how I use my cane, and took questions. And that baby name thing was in full effect. Some of those I'm surprised they could pronounce. My generation is insane.

Speaking with them was rewarding but also exhausting. Well that on top of the fact that I'd done my first taping as a mock counselor for this lab class, which I'm not really sure how that went but will talk to the instructor about it on Monday. I think I didn't solicit enough information, as I got to see a little more of how it was done when I played client to someone else. It was definitely a learning process.

As I feared, the laptop has spoken its last words. I've therefore transitioned to full use of the netbook. Things are going well thus far, as I explore and learn more about Windows 7. I've not noticed a whole lot of difference actually, except that the start menu works a little differently with the search box that appears right after pressing the Windows key. I also like that I can reliably shut down the computer by pressing start, and Tabbing twice to get to the button. This helps when the machine stops responding. I guess there will be more for me to learn as time goes on.

And that's about all for this long, rambling edition. If you read the story and wish to ask me further questions, please feel free to do so. Thanks, and have a great weekend.