February 6th, 2011

A Hectic but Enjoyable Week

I've been meaning to update this thing for some time, but whenever I put finger to keyboard after a long, exhausting day I inevitably give up and press Control+w. For this I apologize, dear reader, assuming you even care. So many things have happened this week that I don't even know how much of it I can capture. It has been a great one for my social life, that's for sure.
I hadn't had class until Thursday, but even so I was still up by 7 every day of the business week. Monday saw me running all over campus: first to collect a book I needed for my research class and deposit it in the Disability Services office, and then to meet with my instructor on my first mock counseling session. On the book; why did I not have it till now? Well, because I had to transfer my Division of Services for the Blind case, as we all know. It ended up being ok though, as the entire thing is now scanned and I'm basically caught up.
She also said that I did relatively well, for a first session. "You looked too tight as it started..." she told me: "but you warmed up at the end." Well, I'd only gone 3 minutes. It's hard to do that well!
Tuesday was another really long day. Since we had our research class for that day online, my partners decided they wanted to go ahead and conduct our next mock counseling sessions. I wasn't entirely sure what to say to the client at points, even causing her to become defensive in some cases. Haha. I wonder what the instructor will say to me about that tomorrow. And when I played client with the other individual, well I think that poor character is hopeless. As before though, she showed me a couple of things that I should have done as counselor, and must remember to implement. This is an informative, if entertaining process. I just wonder how we'll keep it up all semester.
Wednesday was probably the nicest day of the entire week, in so many ways. First, it bobbed up to near 70 degrees again. The only issues with that were the constantly gusting winds and the fact that the sun refused to stay out consistently. But again, I guess you'll have that on warm days at this time of year. I met with a kind librarian who gave me a quick tutorial on how to use RefWorks, which I need in order to help me keep track of the 478348756387 research articles I will need for this literature review. Goodness gracious, that's a lot of articles!
Then came the best part of the day. A former classmate, the woman who'd been kind enough to help me with transportation to a class last semester that was off campus, came by my apartment to get me so that we could hang out. We had dinner and drinks at Tyler's Restaurant and Taproom in Carrboro. She told me that they had an amazing variety of beers, and that you could get them in sampler glasses. We tried four different kinds. Two were India pale ales: one with a particularly bitter taste which she attributed to its hops and the other with a taste that I favored less. The first was the best of all four, actually. It tasted kind of like medicine, but not in a bad way! Made me feel all sleepy and warm. The third was, I think, a German wheat beer. I'm not even sure she knew what the fourth was. I may well have mixed these up, as I'm of course no beer afficionado. It was a unique experience, for sure.
I was hungry as well, so I'd ordered a cheese burger and fries. Because they felt that things were taking a long time, the servers first gave us appetizer chips, then told us that our entire meal and drinks were on the house. The place was loud and packed though, so I really wasn't planning to complain anyway. But wow were those folk nice! She and I just had a blast talking and sipping, and she picked on me because I opted not to finish all that beer. I'm a lightweight. So?
Oh alright, I suppose this entry has gone on long enough eh? Not much significant really happened after that anyway. I did go to a little Super Bowl gathering with my cousin, his girlfriend, and a couple we've known for ages. They'd also gone to the UNC Tar Heels game today against Florida State University, one which the Heels won going away. They've won their last three by 20 or more, in fact, a very promising occurrence going into the tilt with Duke University this Wednesday on its home floor. I've thought these folks had gone to at least two other games, but I know for sure they went today. Smiles My cousin said someone played the Carolina fight song on harmonica on the shuttle bus as they rode to the Dean Smith Center. I'm still hoping to experience a game this season in person, but we shall see.
And tomorrow is my first interview for this internship in DC. It takes place at 9 AM. I'm not entirely sure about the wisdom of choosing such an early time, and on a Monday to boot, but I guess I like a challenge. I'm not really sure what they're going to ask, other than perhaps something about my knowledge of politics, the ADA, and related vric a vrac. So I'lll just see how well I can answer them. In any event, wish me luck! Thanks. More from my crazy life as it continues to unfold.