April 25th, 2011

Convention Curiosities

I know I owe you an entry from yesterday, but hey I was zonked! Up at 4:30 AM and on the move till nearly 8 PM, in fact. If I can figure out how to get LJ to backdate as it once did, I'll post that piece later. For now, I have a couple of other matters to address.
First, as you all know, I continue to serve on the board of the Norrie Disease Association. It is a post I've very much enjoyed and from which I've learned a great deal.
Well, we've began in earnest to prepare for our next convention in 2012. If you recall my experience of going in 2009, then perhaps you realize just how life changing it can be. I'm very much hoping that some other kid or young adult with Norrie out there who is pondering his future might well benefit similarly from this experience.
Here's where I'm going to ask for your assistance. I rarely do this, but I'm wondering if I can get some of my readers to donate a little to the NDA. It is tax deductible, and if you click the link above you can get more details on how to do this. Mainly, we have to have the funds to obtain presenters, get the equipment, such as amplification devices for those of us who use hearing aids, and rent the space we'll need to put on the event. Also, I would in all likelyhood not have been able to attend the convention if the NDA hadn't extended a small travel grant to help me absorb some of the costs. We are hoping to do this again as well. I'd say 10 bucks if you can swing it, however if you are in a position to do more then by all means. If on the other hand things are a little tighter, then we'd appreciate anything you can help with. Thank you all.
On a related note, I'm hoping to attend the 2011 American Association of the Deafblind Symposium outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. I see this as a potential opportunity to meet others from the wider deafblind community, learn a thing or two about advocacy efforts, and perhaps speak with some who helped in planning and fund-raising so that I can then pass some of my gained knowledge onto the NDA. It takes place from June 19th till the 24th, and I've only to work out issues with transportation. Airfare to Cincinnati is currently no less than $550 from either the Charlotte or Raleigh airports, so unless that changes I guess I'll take Greyhound and ride for 20 hours. I suppose that wouldn't be too bad, what with my computer to entertain me. I'd also get to hear all of the run-of-the-mill towns we'd pass through. I tend to meet less people on the bus though, but who knows. It would definitely be the hallmark of my summer.
So that's what I've been thinking about lately. I appreciate your taking the time to read and consider this, as always. Back with more when I have it. Out.