May 7th, 2011

The Great In-Between

Already another academic year has come and gone, and it still feels like it has just barely started. I can remember the orientation as if it were just a couple days ago. Kind of scary.
This is the point when things get really quiet, and I'm likely to not speak to people for days on end. I thought I would have somewhere to go today, but that ended up not happening. It was probably a good thing, since I had to quickly type up some things for one of my professors and get them sent off in a short period. I'm still wondering if I'll ever get over my procrastination and general lagging when it comes to following directions to the letter, but that might happen once they put me out of here.
Speaking of that craziness, my lit review is now mostly done. I again revised the research questions, and am now just waiting on the advisor to approve it before it moves into the defense stage. Once that happens, I apparently have to give it to my advisor and a reader for their evaluation, then create a powerpoint summing up what I talked about in the review and what I intend to cover with the research portion. That and working on my counseling skills will in all likelyhood make up the crux of my summer.
As I mentioned last entry I think?, I was considering attending the Symposium for the American Association of the Deafblind. However, when I got to tabulating all of the fees, things came out to be quite a bit more expensive than I would probably be advised to take on. Even so, knowing of this association could prove useful to me in the future, and I'm subscribed to their newsletter at least.
I've decided instead to go to the 50th convention of the American Council of the Blind for a few days, from Monday through Thursday just as I'd done the last time I attended. Well planned to do, thank you thunderstorms that got me stuck in Louisville, Kentucky. This year's takes place in Reno Nevada, and I am again looking forward to meeting some of the people with whom I've only communicated online in person. Not to mention a chance at further networking, (I should call back the woman I met the first time as it's been a while since I spoke to her), and whatever else ends up happening during that time. I think it'll be fun.
And so I return to sitting out here on my porch with the wireless connection, thinking too much as always. I guess I'll just keep holding onto hope that my life eventually finds balance. And that my canes stop biting the dust so quickly! I've only had the latest one for four months, and the blasted string has already come loose. That does not a happy person make.
One nice thing did happen for me: my aunt and uncle brought me a couch and two chairs, as well as setting up my DVD table and another table for the lamp. Now my apartment is no longer, as I called it, "the blind house," as sighted folk can flip a switch and orient themselves. It is also pleasant to flop down on an actual sofa and listen to my NPR stories while sprawled out. No longer having to either sprawl on the bed or sit in a chair in front of my computer is actually helping my sleep out a lot. It codes the brain better if one uses the bed only. when planning to go to sleep.
More when I have it. Till then, ta-ta.