J. Alexander (johnmill79) wrote,
J. Alexander

Almost Burnt The House Down!

Today has been an adventure in the insane! I guess for starters, I should point out that I am incredibly fortunate that things didn't end up worse than they did.

It all started innocently enough. I popped one of those store bought microwavable cheese burgers into the microwave, attempted to set it for two minutes, then walked away. I was back in my room doing some examination of how to configure things on Live Journal when I heard something that just didn't sound right! I still don't know what it was that heard, but I do think that in this instance my hearing aid saved my life.

I got up, ran into the kitchen and was enveloped by smoke. Realizing that the microwave was still on, I went into total panic mode and hastily pressed the stop button and opened the door. I listened, and all I could hear was my smoldering sandwich. Apparently, my finger had hesitated for a beat too long on the 0, causing it to read 20, or perhaps 200 minutes.

I immediately raced to disable the heat and turn on every fan in the house, then I opened the screen door and went out to do some reading to avoid too much smoke inhalation. I kept making periodic checks to be sure that nothing was burning inside, and I even tried to find someone to come and look for me but none of the other apartments in this immediate area were occupied.

Finally, after about an hour of heartstopping fear, I removed the singed plate and sandwich and was forced to deposit both in the dumpster outside. There is still a heavy lingering effect of smoke in the air, I don't really think there is much I can do about it either which means I will have to hear my Personal Aid as she surely launches in a tirade.

The whole incident left me feeling guilty and irresponsible, because I am always one who insists that people not just leave things cooking unattended. I suppose I'll be beating myself up for it for a few days now, but the important thing is that at least I am still here to do so! I've been told that everyone must have some major cooking blunder, I guess this is mine. I don't want it to happen again!
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