J. Alexander (johnmill79) wrote,
J. Alexander

Down Nostalgia Road: Chased By Raindrops

And chased would be the right word. I pretty much knew that would happen; the forecast was for the showers to begin in Charlotte at 4 and continue to drift eastward all night. We were headed east, down highway 74.

I think I slept too long today. By the time I got up, I really didn't have time to do all of the things I wanted to. Well, without planting myself in front of the computer from 10 till 1.

Sadly, by the time I'd gotten myself cleaned up and dressed, it had started to pour. Did this stop me from sitting out on my porch and reading? Of course not.

My sister Mandie was to drive me to Marshville, where I would then meet my mom to complete the journey to Pine Bluff. Mandie rolled up just after 6, and we got on the road. Shortly thereafter, the skies opened up with such furocity that the vehicle began to rock and slide on the water. I'm really not a fan of riding in those conditions, as it seemed we had to constantly swerve to avoid others on the road. My sister complained about everybody's bad driving, but as usual, I wondered how much she was at fault. Of course, I did get here in one piece, though.

I'm a bit envious of her, as she and her husband just won a cruise to the Bahamas in late November. I wanna go down there someday real soon, and I think that's the nicest time of year to go.

Once we arrived at the Wendy's that was our meeting place, I ordered a carolina Classic combo and ate till my mom showed up. She had a couple of my nieces and nephews with her as well, Tyreek and Reggie. She was still driving the minivan she had at my sister Sheena's wedding, so I guess it is indeed hers. It's a nice one.

Once we hit the road again, time seemed to stand still as we came all the way out to Pine Bluff. It's funny, but as my cousin says, coming out here is like turning back the clock. You can smell the sewage in the air, along with a number of other unpleasant odors. And when I stepped out of the van in front of our trailers, I was struck by the otherworldly silence that surrounded me. Or more accurately, a dry beach, as there is tons of sand everywhere.

It didn't take long for me to become tired though, mainly because it was incredibly hot inside. I opted not to eat any other dinner, but just went back to the guestroom and hopped into a huge bed. Not minutes after I'd started reading, I got some company in the form of a four-legged friend. They had a cute dog, I think his name is Leo. He hopped up into the bed with me, laid down and started sniffing my head while wagging his tail. I don't know when he left me, but it was after I'd dropped off. I think he'd decided to join me because he didn't like the rolling thunder outside.
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