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Lj Idol: Ring Ring

Given that I get most of my information from National Public Radio, it shouldn't be surprising that I have chosen a story highlighted on this network. Every morning, they present what are called Morning Edition Returns; 20 second pieces taken from a newspaper headline.

This one caught my attention: Judge Fired After Jailing 46 For Cell Phone Basically, a judge was hearing a case when suddenly someone's cell phone rang. He immediately stopped the proceedings, demanding to know who the culprit was. When none of the 46 individuals present took responsibility, the judge decided to take the drastic step of putting all of them behind bars. The judge was later fired for his action, as it was deemed inappropriate.

Cell phones have become ubiquitous these days. People use them, often in inconsiderate ways, in shopping centers, classrooms, religious institutions, and even in the restroom. Yeah, there's nothing I want to hear more than dribble dribble flush as I attempt to engage you in conversation.

The most egregious example of inappropriate cell phone use I've ever witnessed occurred while I was in university. Right over the top of the professor's lecture, we hear "Hello? Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course! Sure sure, I won't forget." This particular conversation went on for the next three minutes, and amazingly the professor didn't audibly react. She just sat there, waited for this extremely rude individual to disconnect, and proceeded with her lecture as if nothing had happened.

I must admit that, like so many others, I can almost always be spotted carrying this electronic leash around in my pocket. However, if I am going to a major public gathering, I always try to remember to cut it off.

How do you feel about the judge's decision?

It was the right thing to do, cell phone use has gotten out of control!
He should have done as the professor did and just ignored it, shaming the culprit in that way.
Some type of action was necessary, but arresting all 46?
He should just have announced that no further distraction of that type would be tolerated in his court room and let it go.
Some other response
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