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The Winner's Circle: Post Convention Thoughts

I don’t have to warn you of this really, because I’m sure you already know, but these entries are incredibly long! Read as little or as much as you please. I do hope you feel like taking them all in, though. Oh, and obviously it's best to start from the beginning and read them in order, makes more sense that way.
Arrival At Convention
Louisville, The Windy City?
Tightening My Net
The Unend

So, I'm finally at 36000 feet, headed for home. Not that I slept much, I think because I'm a frequent worrier about overshooting my wake-up call.

My overall impressions of the convention? Well, it was a wonderful experience. I definitely got to do some networking, and there may even be job opportunities in the wings for me. Of course, I'll have to wait and see how that all pans out, but it feels good to have made something happen.

I managed to meet quite a few folks off of my Lj friends list, as well. As others have said, it was an odd feeling. Like I knew these people well, yet like I didn't know them at all. I only hope they had as much fun with me as I did them.

I was able to assess where I truly stand on the independence scale. I knew that needed work, and that I'm not as good at adapting to unfamiliar environments, but it still helped to get a reality check by watching all those blind people cruise all over the hotel as if it were their house. I'd started to master it by the time I left, though. Give me two weeks, and I'd have had it down!

I actually hope to attend another convention someday. And for those of you who couldn't make it this time, I recommend you give it a go sooner or later. You'll learn so much about yourself, and about others. I know I did.

And now, I'm gonna shut this thing off so I don't bother my seatmate anymore. She's from Louisville, well I think she said now she lives in a town called Hannover? She's headed to Myrtle Beach, S.C for a weekend vacation, with whom I don’t know. Can’t you tell I like knowing people’s personal stories? It’s one of the things that intrigues me most about travel.
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