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The Actual Process

In addendim to the previous post. I finally managed to cast my vote today! Well, sort of.

My aid came to collect me from my job to drive me over to my university where we could vote. First, though, we stopped to pick up her daughter.

We got out of the car and were immediately in line. We had been told that it would probably not take more than 20 minutes to get into the building and do the deed, but things seemed to have changed drastically in a couple days. Add to that the cold, blustery winds and the fact that I hadn't eaten all day as we'd run out of lunch, and I think you can see why a bit of frustration bubbled over for me. I pretty much expected that, and managed to just hang in there for the hour or so it took to reach the machines.

Once inside of the room where they would verify my registration, I panicked because I couldn't hear the person asking me the questions! She wasn't talking loud at all, and there were several other conversations going on at once also. I somehow got my information communicated though, and on shaky knees I proceeded to the box.

The thing was supposed to talk, but the guy manning it said it would take 30 minutes to get it started properly and another 40 before I could cast my vote. I don't know whether anything he said was true, but at this point I didn't really feel like fighting it and just wanted to get out of there and go home. So, I just dictated my choices to my aid, and she punched them in. Yeah I know, not exactly independent voting, but it's a step up from any other election. Hopefully next time, I will get to do it on my own.

On the way back to my place, I stopped and got a double Whopper with cheese combo to take the edge off of my starvation. Everybody laughed at me, but whatever!

And now, I'm beat. I think I'll sleep pretty well tonight after all that.
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