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The Mile High Party: Coming Down

And as usual, if you wish to read this trip in order, start with the first link, and when you finish with the third, read the following paragraphs. Enjoy! I sure did.
Book 31, Science, And Halloween
Art, ESPN, And Fish
And again, as I did with the ACB Convention, I'm bringing you this last part from 35,000 feet up. Yeah sadly, I have to come back home. I'm very bummed about that.

So, it was an adventure getting to the airport, pretty much as I knew it would be. But of course, the day doesn't start there.

I slept till 9, somewhat interrupted by odd dreams. I personally think that's the only effect Denver's altitude had on me, possibly causing less oxygen to flow to my brain. That's how those people dream they've seen God, or least so the theory goes. Anyway, I dreamed my boss was all in somebody's face calling them all sorts of names and making them cry. I'd stayed outside beyond the break, and so I was just hoping to sneak back in unnoticed. Thankfully, he wasn't paying me any attention.

The rest of my dreams, as all the others on the nights previous, involved incidents with my family. These were mostly entertaining, but I did have a couple where folks got into big fights, which always left my heart racing.

So I headed into the living room with my Pac Mate to read and write the previous day's entry. After a couple chapters of that book, I decided to head on in and shower so that I could dress, leaving only my teeth to be brushed after breakfast. I figured Danielle would have another late sleep day, and I didn't want to have too much to do once we'd finished eating.

My last meal there was some delicious French toast with what I’m guessing was nuts, some eggs and a sprite. I'm definitely sad that I won't be waking up to breakfasts like that anymore.

After that, she cleaned out my bedding space and threw some things in the wash. While so doing, I tried to make sure I'd collected all of my belongings. I think I got everything. Then, we were out.

This time, it was about a ten-minute wait till the bus. Of course, I was even more tired than usual while booking it with that heavy bag around my neck. We sat on the benches chattering, then she had a quick look at the schedule and the bus was there.

We rode that one to some other point, and she noted that we were on Martin Luther King Boulevard. There was a building whose use she wasn't entirely sure of on the opposite side of the street, it appeared most likely to be a school. It was constructed in the Spanish style, with red roofs.

On the second bus, I heard a mother with her children and smelled someone eating food. This, folks, is why I love public transportation. So much to take in.

Back at the shuttle I'd used when coming to the city, she and I parted ways. This time it was crowded, and I very nearly sat in someone's lap. She did shake my hand at least, but didn't seem otherwise inclined to talk.

Once at the airport, the driver just pulled up to the US Airways area and pretty much deposited me on the curb. I found someone who got me in to the escalator since I needed to go to the next level to get my boarding pass, and then I stood at the top of the stairs for like four minutes until someone else arrived. I did walk around with my cane some, but I couldn't find anything.

They finally managed to get me all checked in, and then I was assisted by an Ethiopian woman to my gate. She said she'd been in the States for seventeen years and in Denver for just one. Before that, she lived in Atlanta, which she found to be too hot. "But isn't it hot in Ethiopia?" I asked. "No, not where I'm from. I'm near a mountain, a real big mountain. Mostly it's cool there."

She went on to tell me, as we rode the bouncing train between terminals, that her grandma was also blind. Well more like visually impaired, as she could see just enough to get around. "My Grandma raise me like a mama," she said: "we think we can get away with things, but Grandma always know. She get mad if you try to trick her, too." She was a nice lady, I thought.

And that's basically all that happened. I just sat at my gate, listening to the announcers make a "final boarding call" four times. I guess it's good to know they really do try to give you a chance to hear the announcement. I hope said person made it to his plane, because I couldn't see just letting a ticket go to waste.

And I should be back in a couple short hours. It should be fun slogging through all the mail I've gotten. What won't be fun is waking up at 5 AM tomorrow morning. I'll have to see if I've got it in me.

And I'd like to thank Danielle for showing me such a great time, and such hospitality. I really did need that weekend. It just felt like a retreat from everything. So ends my mile high trek.
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