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Who's The Real J. Alexander?

This idea taken from uawildcatgrlbecause I think its a good one. Well ok, as many of you may have deduced by now, my real name is John Miller, but I like J. Alexander as a writer name because it gives me a false sense of importance. )Vote hereto let me know your opinion on that.)

Today I was chatting with someone who told me "Well you seem normal." I was not offended by this, of course, but it did get me to thinking, exactly what is normal anyway? I mean, really if you think about it, normal suggests boring or average. And in math, when you have a large group of numbers, its not that likely that any will be exactly average, is it?

So, I make it my mission to prove that blind people are just as abnormal as the rest of society. To that end, I am opening the virtual floor to absolutely any questions you wish to ask about me, from blindness related issues to my personal life, and even my work and aspirations I might have. Feel free to ask either by commenting, e-mail or chat, all of which you can find on my User Infopage. I will also post the two parts to my as yet unfinished auto biography if any of you are interested in taking a look. I need to get to work on it again!
Part I
Part II
Hope you enjoy, and please do feel free to do this, I promise no question is out of bounds. You can't know until you've been told, right?
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