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The unfolding saga of a writer in training

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J. Alexander
13 September 1979
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Hello, and thanks for showing interest in the man behind the awesome writing! (I'm being sarcastic). Anyhow, I am 29 years of age and currently reside in Charlotte North Carolina. I'm actually looking to attend graduate school to obtain an MS in Rehab Counseling, so that I may help better the world for those with disabilities.
I am totally blind and have been for all my life, but I've never let it stop me from achieving whatever I wanted. I love singing, reading and oh yeah, writing! I hope to travel the world if I can ever afford it.
Again thanks for your interest and I hope you enjoy my work! And if you happen to float in, drop me a comment so I know you've been by, and/or add me to your friends list.

A paragraph about me, as seen from another's perspective.
Join John Alexander on his journey through life. John is trying to make a name for himself as a writer. He is well-educated and well-read. Unfortunately,
societies biases and preconceptions have him working in a facility doing jobs that are well below his aptitude. Add to this his desire to relocate to somewhere
where he would have a better chance of reaching his ultimate goal of becoming a writer, and the frustrations of finding lodging, work, and his place in
society. A reserved and laid-back individual, John works hard to balance between personal activities and social situations. Most weekends you'll find John
listening to the radio to follow his favorite sports teams, or soaking up the rays outside reading a good book. So, come on in and join John in his quest
for success. Grab a slice of pizza on the way, and enjoy! (I love it! Its definitely what you can expect from my journal.)

For more info, visit:
Who's The Real J. Alexander?
Here, I explain how I cope with blindness and all the other things that make me me. I also take questions which you can review in the comments section, and if you have something that needs asking, please do so.
Regional Representation
Because I like to have some idea of where my readers are from. Looking to obtain a high international presence as well.

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